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VSI Wear Parts (Rotor Parts) 

VSI Wear Parts (Rotor Parts)

GUBT is a global leader in the VSI aftermarket field. We have professional engineers in the VSI field and have invested a lot of time and energy to develop technology in VSI so that GUBT’s  VSI PARTS product coverage continues to grow rapidly. Compared with general VSI products in the market, GUBT’s VSI products have some unique advantages, including a smooth surface, accurate size, high wear resistance, and long wear life.


GUBT can currently supply 600+ VSI wear parts. GUBT has made a continuous investment in new technologies for improving quality stability, reverse engineering, and manufacturing standards so that our product coverage continues to grow rapidly.

Based on decades of industry experience and professional knowledge, GUBT has optimized its design based on the VSI wear part. For example, GUBT optimizes the specifications of tungsten carbide of rotor tips to improve wear resistance. At the same time, a large number of metal molds have been invested in standardized VSI wear parts. GUBT achieved large-scale manufacturing, which improves product reliability and reduces production costs.


GUBT pays attention to high-quality craftsmanship, cost-effectiveness, and customer satisfaction, as well as the desire to continuously provide customers with the best products. All of these helped us succeed in the quarrying and mining industries.

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