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VSI ’s Technology for Producing Artificial Sand


Artificial Sand Production Technology

Many companies tend to use artificial sand to replace it at a cheaper price than natural sand. So the increasing demand for construction makes the amount of land insufficient to meet the demand. Many experts in the construction field say that Vietnam will lack the sand required for industrialization (modernization). With the scientific development and utilization of natural sand solutions, the production of artificial sand has gradually attracted attention.

Currently, the world is using popular artificial sand instead of natural sand. Using crushed sand will create a new direction for construction and bring more benefits than using. Natural sand is passed.


Barmac B Series

The B Series Vertical Axis Impactor (VSI) is the original rock collider. It has become synonymous with high-quality products in the quarrying and mineral mining industry.

The grinding process makes VSI unique. Most other crushers use metallic parts to crush rocks, while VSI uses stones placed in the mill to crush itself. This spontaneous crushing action minimizes the cost per ton of any impact grinding method. The high impact rate of VSI improves the sound and shape of the material and produces the highest quality end products on the market today. It is the more widely known your product, the better its performance in concrete, asphalt, and root mixture.


1. Create high-quality products.

2. The ability to control product classification through cascading and maximum speed.

3. Unique rock crushing technology reduces the cost of wear.

4. Accept high-quality materials in the feed.

Specifications: Maximum feed size: 45 mm (1¾ inches) speed: 1100-2100 rpm / min

Online production of sand according to European standards does not pollute the environment and guarantees quality like natural sand. The use of artificial sand in construction projects will help reduce construction costs and create high-quality products, such as large slab concrete structures, super high-grade concrete. Save cement and asphalt, increase construction life, and shorten construction time. Solve the demand for sand in construction projects.

What Is Artificial Sand?

Countries with strong industrial development capabilities have used bearings to manufacture vertical roller rotors and used the equipment to grind stone into sand, and Russia has invented the “air cushion technology” with floating advantages. The standard for artificial sand is larger, up to 48%, while the standard for rotors is only 25%. Air cushion technology brings high-quality finished products, which can meet cement concrete, asphalt concrete, roller beam concrete surface, micro-selling asphalt concrete, and many other special types of concrete. The cost of producing artificial sand is 10 times cheaper than ball bearing technology.

Manufacturing Process of Artificial Sand

The technology has a wide range of applications: production of artificial sand, crushed ore, production of paint, tiles, glass, and other industries in the mining industry.

Artificial sand has a wide range of applications in construction. Through the above information, we can see that artificial sand will become popular in the world in the near future, and gradually replace natural sand, and solve the serious sand shortage problem that year. More and more works have sprung up like mushrooms.


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