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How to extend the working life of cone wear parts?


The Knowledge of cones crusher and main parts

As we all know, the bowl liner and the mantle determine the discharge size. When the cone crusher is working, the bowl liner and the mantle will move with the rocks in a circular motion and the wear from this grinding will make it necessary to adjust the clearance between the bowl liner and the mantle to control the size of the rock. There are two ways to adjust them; lifting the block or moving the ejector pin to put a gasket, which both are convenient and flexible.

How to make full use of crusher and extend the working life of the bowl liner and the mantle?

Due to the harsh working environment of the crusher equipment including cone crusher, there are different troubles such as bearing failure if the equipment doesn’t be maintained correctly so that we have to master how to feed uniformly to reduce the difficulty of the material or cannot be broken into the crusher. In this way, we can extend the working life of crusher equipment and the wear parts—bowl liner and mantle and reduce loss.

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There are different kinds of wear-resistant bowl liners for the spring cone crusher, single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, complex cone crusher and so forth. The quality in different industries is different. So it’s very important to choose a good manufacturer with high-quality products. We are a reliable manufacturer of crusher wear parts for cone crusher with various products and a good price.