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Jaw Liner 

Jaw Liner

GUBT provides jaw liners made of manganese steel, which is suitable for various jaw crushers worldwide. Provide parts and technical support for the mining, aggregate, and recycling industry aftermarket!


GUBT has 700+ standard jaw liner molds, covering most of the jaw crushers on the market, and provides different tooth shapes to meet different application requirements. At the same time, GUBT can customize the designs and produce jaw liners based on customers’ needs and requirements.


Our high-quality manganese steel crusher liners have been independently verified in mining and aggregate production and can meet and often exceed the performance of equivalent OEM castings.


GUBT's high-quality manganese steel crusher liners have been verified independently in mining and aggregate production. Our products provide unparalleled toughness and excellent wear resistance, which improves as the steel products harden during operation.


We offer Mn14, Mn18, and Mn21 material grades, and we can also provide cost-effective solutions for your specific requirements.

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